George’s Highlander Bar and Grill and Its Sustainable Servings in Etna Green

If there was an early frontrunner for 2017’s new restaurant of the year in Kosciusko County, George’s Highlander Bar and Grill, a steakhouse/bar & grill in Etna Green, would have to be it. Open just over a month when we visited for the first time, our experience at George’s reflected that of a well-established restaurant more than a brand new steak joint. Continue reading “George’s Highlander Bar and Grill and Its Sustainable Servings in Etna Green”

Two Surprising Destinations In Kosciusko County

As the weather heats up and the school year comes to an end, thoughts turn to possible vacation spots for this summer season. Even as fuel prices continue to hover at levels significantly lower than last year, traveling for a family can still be expensive and time consuming, especially if traveling anywhere in an automobile is required.

If taking a full day or weekend to travel to your favorite warm weather destination doesn’t sound like the most ideal way to kick off your vacation, you might consider flying. However, the savings in time is quickly gobbled up by the price of airline tickets, leaving one in a conundrum when trying to determine the best spot for a family getaway. Continue reading “Two Surprising Destinations In Kosciusko County”

Crooked Ewe and Its Cuban Revolution on the Banks of the St. Joe

There are about a dozen reasons you can come up with to visit Crooked Ewe Brewery in South Bend and it’s no coincidence that number approximates the amount of beers currently on their menu. While the beer rightfully hogs the limelight (after all, it is a brewery), there’s more than beer in Crooked Ewe and you can find it in the food menu. Continue reading “Crooked Ewe and Its Cuban Revolution on the Banks of the St. Joe”

Modest but Tasty Menu Makes Pierceton’s Old Train Depot the Little Restaurant That Could

Even though it’s only about 15 minutes east of Warsaw, finding someone in my hometown who has recently been to the Old Train Depot restaurant in Pierceton is nearly impossible.

It sits less than a quarter mile south of U.S. 30, the main thoroughfare for Warsaw denizens heading to and fro from Fort Wayne for their latest shopping excursion, the thought of stopping at this unique eatery never crosses their minds. While the lakers who call the Lake Tippecanoe and Wawasee areas home during the summer have made it a regular stop on their culinary tour, which results in a bustling business in the warmer months, the coziness of the unique atmosphere should cause the population of Kosciusko County to take notice and result in this attraction gaining the recognition it rightfully deserves. Continue reading “Modest but Tasty Menu Makes Pierceton’s Old Train Depot the Little Restaurant That Could”

Savor K County: Julia Moore

Julia Moore is a born-and-raised Hoosier who is proud of her small town roots and even more proud to call Warsaw her home. Fueled by her passion of helping those around her, Julia Moore has been working at First Federal Savings Bank providing home loans for residents of Kosciusko County and the surrounding areas since 1995. In fact, you’ve probably seen her meeting clients at the Latte Lounge, 3 Crown or Martin’s Supermarket–Starbucks drink in hand–discussing the types of financing options available. She firmly believes in supporting the community that has supporter her over the years and loves the “Shop Local” mentality! Continue reading “Savor K County: Julia Moore”

One Ten Craft Meatery to Host St. Patrick’s Day Block Party in Downtown Warsaw

Building on the success of last year’s shindig, One Ten Craft Meatery, located in downtown Warsaw, will be hosting another St. Patrick’s Day party. Set to take place on March 17th on Buffalo St. just outside of One Ten, the St. Paddy’s Day celebration will have a few added incentives this year to entice party-goers to come downtown. Continue reading “One Ten Craft Meatery to Host St. Patrick’s Day Block Party in Downtown Warsaw”

Bob’s Books – Transforming Grief Into Good

One of the biggest influences in the lives of my brothers and I growing up was books. Our dad loved books – buying them, reading them and just being surrounded by them. When he ran out of shelf room in his office, he built more in the basement to house his literary treasures. He left behind thousands of books when he passed away. When my brother cleaned out his car, he found dozens that never made it into the house. I found over a dozen myself when I finally faced the unfortunate task of taking over ownership of his precious truck. Continue reading “Bob’s Books – Transforming Grief Into Good”