Kosciusko County

Wear Green, Drink Green, Give Green – Partying for a Cause in the ‘Saw

Looking for an excuse to get your drink on this Thursday? Besides the fact that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is typically the only reason you need to drink more than you normally would, it’s also a chance to drink green while wearing green and giving away your green … greenbacks, that is. A few of our favorite downtown Warsaw merchants will be throwing a bash on Buffalo St. and while the event isn’t directly tied to the giving away of your greenbacks part, WRSW will be there broadcasting from the festivities as they kick off their campaign to raise money for the Riley Hospital for Children, a place I work with a lot in my job that actually pays my bills.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

The St. Paddy’s Day event on Buffalo St. (courthouse square block) kicks off at 5 pm and will go until 10.  Admission to the 21 and over tent is $5 with food and drink tickets available for $5 each. For those of you looking for a little bit more of a challenge and the opportunity to save some money so you can turn around and give it to Riley, there will be a bike ride to the event starting 4:30 at the Trailhouse in the Village of Winona. If you’re part of this group of riders, you get free admission to the tent.

Mad Anthony’s will be providing a cornucopia of craft brews along with their Lucky Charms cocktail, Irish Whisky shots, Irish Car Bombs and other cocktails. B-Mac’s will be supplying revelers with a variety of food options including a mini lamb burger or mini Reuben paired with kettle chips (you can pair anything with kettle chips and I’ll probably eat it), a flour dusted Alaskan Soul sandwich with slaw and a slop of soups to choose from. One Ten will be rounding out the food choices with corned beef & cabbage and bangers & mash.

What is a St. Paddy’s Day celebration without music? Not nearly as fun, that’s for sure, so James and the Drifters will be performing at 7 pm.

Love the whole photo booth thing? Don’t worry – the organizers have you covered as one will be provided by C. Free. No need for selfies with your own phone – let the photo booth do it for you!

Days like this really make me wish I was Irish … and had a bike so I could get decked out in full racing regalia and walk around on the pavement with a “clink, clink, clink” announcing my approach.

For more information on the event, you can check out the Facebook event page.

Clink, clink, clink.

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