Two New El Faro Restaurants Open In Warsaw

The group behind the two El Faro restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana might have just opened two locations but they’re not new to the scene. They’ve been successfully running La Troje for years so if experience counts towards anything, they’ll be just fine with two more restaurants, thank you very much. That, in turn, makes me as giddy as a One Directioner at all of the new singles coming from the former boy band members. That’s pretty darn happy. Continue reading “Two New El Faro Restaurants Open In Warsaw”


Warsaw’s La Troje – My Favorite Spot For Mexican Food

My article on La Troje garnered the most attention on Ink Free News’s Facebook page out of all my articles with most of the comments leaning towards the “You’re an idiot” variety. Not bothering to notice that I called this downtown Mexican behemoth “my favorite spot for Mexican food” and instead focusing on the assumption that I had declared it the best Mexican food in town (it’s not), the keyboard commentators let me have it and I didn’t even try to defend myself. If the Facebook fans of Ink Free News are anything, they’re rabid so any kind of spirited defense in my honor would have quickly been shouted down from all corners of the county. Regardless of the comments, La Troje is still our favorite place to go for Mexican food. To find out where the best place is for Mexican food, well, you’ll just have to check back at a later date.

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