Two Surprising Destinations In Kosciusko County

As the weather heats up and the school year comes to an end, thoughts turn to possible vacation spots for this summer season. Even as fuel prices continue to hover at levels significantly lower than last year, traveling for a family can still be expensive and time consuming, especially if traveling anywhere in an automobile is required.

If taking a full day or weekend to travel to your favorite warm weather destination doesn’t sound like the most ideal way to kick off your vacation, you might consider flying. However, the savings in time is quickly gobbled up by the price of airline tickets, leaving one in a conundrum when trying to determine the best spot for a family getaway. Continue reading “Two Surprising Destinations In Kosciusko County”


Waterfront Dining at North Webster’s Pizza King

Finding the Pizza King in North Webster was a pleasant surprise for me. Realizing it offered lakefront dining  on a deck set literally over the waters of Webster Lake pretty much made my weekend. If it was any closer to my home, I would be there way too much. Following is my original article as it appeared on Ink Free News this past July.

As someone who blogs a lot about beach bars, frequenting establishments that offer waterfront dining is a priority. It’s a pleasant and welcome surprise, then, when I stumble upon a lakefront restaurant that not only offers a waterfront experience (in this case, you’re actually out over the water) but also includes one of my favorite phrases in the English language — Pizza King. Continue reading “Waterfront Dining at North Webster’s Pizza King”