Get Your Bento on at Winona Lake’s Cerulean

If you’ve never been to Winona Lake’s Cerulean, a restaurant located in the Village at Winona, because you thought it was too expensive, too fancy or too something else, then I’m about to give you the best reason you need to change your mind and it comes down to two words – Bento Box. Continue reading “Get Your Bento on at Winona Lake’s Cerulean”


Getting To Know Lawney’s BBQ

When the Francis family had me over to their home to sample some of the dishes coming out of their Lawney’s BBQ endeavor, I wasn’t expecting much. First of all, I’ve never been a big fan of BBQ. It’s not that I don’t like it – I would just rather fill my belly with something else. After my knee-buckling first bite into their sliced brisket, though, I knew this was going to be a feast to remember. Continue reading “Getting To Know Lawney’s BBQ”

Getting To Know HopLore Brewing

HopLore Brewing, located in the Leesburg Mill building, opened its doors recently and response to the new venture has been positive. I had the chance to interview Stefan King, one of the partners in HopLore, and talked with him about his experience. Find out how and why they got started, learn about their food offerings and of course, get the lowdown on their beer. Continue reading “Getting To Know HopLore Brewing”

Two Surprise Reasons To Check Out Two Warsaw Restaurants

When it comes to my regular restaurant rotation for nights out in Warsaw with the wife and/or friends, Oak and Alley, Rua and One Ten typically occupy the limited spots in that lineup. In an effort to get out of that comfort zone, I recently visited two restaurants not in that lineup – Mad Anthony’s Lake City Tap House in downtown and Redwood Firewood Grill, located on North Detroit St. on Center Lake. Continue reading “Two Surprise Reasons To Check Out Two Warsaw Restaurants”

And the Best Tacos in Kosciusko County Belong to ….

In case you haven’t heard, there was a taco contest going on this summer in Kosciusko County to find the best taco within our county’s boundaries. No, it’s not the one currently being hosted by the county’s visitor’s bureau. It was held by a baker’s dozen of taco-loving, salsa-dipping, refried-beans-scooping peeps just like me and you. The self-proclaimed “taco judges” traipsed all over the county, winding their way around unending lakes, dashing deer and spilled margaritas in search of the best taco served in a food truck, restaurant, grocery store or other eating establishment. Continue reading “And the Best Tacos in Kosciusko County Belong to ….”