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Modest but Tasty Menu Makes Pierceton’s Old Train Depot the Little Restaurant That Could

Even though it’s only about 15 minutes east of Warsaw, finding someone in my hometown who has recently been to the Old Train Depot restaurant in Pierceton is nearly impossible.

It sits less than a quarter mile south of U.S. 30, the main thoroughfare for Warsaw denizens heading to and fro from Fort Wayne for their latest shopping excursion, the thought of stopping at this unique eatery never crosses their minds. While the lakers who call the Lake Tippecanoe and Wawasee areas home during the summer have made it a regular stop on their culinary tour, which results in a bustling business in the warmer months, the coziness of the unique atmosphere should cause the population of Kosciusko County to take notice and result in this attraction gaining the recognition it rightfully deserves.

Located on the second floor of the Old Train Depot building, the restaurant overlooks the main event hall, offering a unique view of the premises through an impressive panel of windows, especially when events are taking place. Featuring a fireplace, hand-crafted wood bar, raised wood panels (wooden features and adornments are everywhere) and assorted railway and train memorabilia, the restaurant evokes a sense of nostalgia, apropos for a building built just after the end of the Civil War.

Bar area at the Old Train Depot. It’s a classic beauty!

Featuring seating at the bar for 10 people and 24 more at tables, the Old Train Depot also offers family seating on the first floor, making it an inexpensive meal option for parents and a fun setting for children. An outside deck off the second floor that peers over the railway and soon-to-open railroad dinner car is also available.

In a time when trendy craft cocktails are all the rage, the Old Train Depot offers an extensive menu of classic martinis with more than a dozen to choose, all for under $10. For those looking to enjoy a cocktail, the Old Train Depot has those as well, including fun train-inspired cocktail names such as the Clay Train, the Train Hobo, the Runaway Train and, my personal favorite, the Side Car. Numerous beers are also available and any of the beers on tap can be sampled free of charge.

Side Car at the Old Train Depot in Pierceton. Still the best take on this classic cocktail that I’ve experienced.

While the entrée choices are limited, the Old Train Depot leans heavily on its sandwich and salad choices. On our visit, we chose to go with the steak burger and Caboose Burger, which were served with a side of kettle chips (applesauce is the other side option). Both plates were served quickly and courteously and neither disappointed. The Old Train Depot keeps it simple when it comes to their food but what they do, they do well.

Besides offering their typical meal service, the Old Train Depot hosts many events throughout the year and you can check out their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Getting There and Hours

Follow U.S. 30 to Pierceton and take S.R. 13 south. Turn east on the first road past the tracks (Market Street) and the Old Train Depot will be on your left, fittingly right next to the tracks. It is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

This article originally appeared on in March, 2016.


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