The Tasty Taco Tour: Eat Tacos, Pass Judgment

If you’re out at your favorite restaurant in Kosciusko County over the next month and you spot someone spending an inordinate amount of time studying and documenting their tacos, they’re not obsessed – they’re just passing judgment.

Approached by Josh Saylor a few months ago, the self-professed taco addict was interested in finding the best taco in Kosciusko County and reached out to me to help coordinate and promote a contest to discover it. I jumped at the chance to be involved. Outside of the Chinese cuisine I grew up eating at home, Mexican fare is probably my food-of-choice when it comes to satiating my appetite.

After a few back and forth emails, we came up with a plan. We compiled a list of locations serving tacos and created a common set of criteria to judge the tacos. The list of locations involved restaurants, grocery stores and food trucks, all located in Kosciusko County. The points-based criteria we came up with included an evaluation of the following components of a taco – tortilla, protein, salsa, toppings and presentation – with each of those categories weighted based on their importance.

Finding volunteers was next and that was the easiest part. Josh reached out to some of his friends and I reached out to my “Savor K County” Facebook foodie group and before you could figure out how many syllables were in “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (fourteen),” we had our group of judges formed, ready to eat tacos and pass judgment.

Voila, the “Savor K County Taco Tour” was born!


How are we going to choose the winner? It’s far from scientific but basically all of the taco judges will submit their scores and the highest average wins. A minimum number of scores will have to be received for a location to be considered. This allows us to thin out any location(s) that may have been visited by one person who gave it the highest score possible.


The winner will be announced in mid-July, allowing everyone ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the judges’ favorite tacos before summer comes to an end and some of the outdoor locations close for the season.

Until then, heed these sage words of advice – live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday!


If you’d like to verify that your location is on our list, please leave a comment below or message me through the Hooch and Nosh Facebook page.

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