K County Quick Bites – Time To Get Biblical

It’s been awhile since I posted a Quick Bites article about the restaurant scene in Kosciusko County but there are some goings-on that needed to be mentioned. It’s a period of change for the foodie scene in our area but in this case, change is a good thing.

The view from MY spot at Oak and Alley. Oh how I’ll miss you … for now. 🙂

The highlights include all day Bento boxes (BAM!), Oak and Alley down one times two (What?!), One Ten closing down and whiskey replacing wine in Warsaw. Oh yeah, there’s a flame thrower involved and we have a biblical theme thing popping up a couple times. Sometimes the quick bites aren’t just quick – they’re witty and clever.

Restaurants are hiring!
If you can’t get a restaurant job in this economy, you aren’t trying hard enough. Here are some of the eateries currently hiring warm bodies:
The Sleep Owl Supper Club – Full time day shift restaurant server
McAlister’s Deli – Part time positions
Palette – All positions
Rua – Line cook
The Old Train Depot – Bartender, waitress or cook

Cerulean Changes
Winona Lake’s Cerulean is going to an all day schedule. Starting September 12th, the restaurant will be open from 11 am to 9 pm with no break between lunch and dinner service. On top of that, the new all-day menu with include Bento boxes. What does that mean? You can Bento all day and not just at lunch! The east side of the restaurant will see changes as well as they make it more amenable to families and larger groups.

Oak and Alley Goes From Two and Three to One and Two
Contrary to previously reported news, Oak and Alley will be closing their current digs when the new one opens. Luckily, the new location sits on an alley – with the addition of some oak accoutrements, the restaurant will be able to stay true to its name. If you want your cocktail fix, you best be getting to the soon-to-be-closed downtown location soon as the new one will only have a beer and wine license, down one from its current three way license. Now if we can just figure out what to do with the current location once the new one opens …. Stay tuned. 

Wine to Whiskey in Warsaw
It’s not to the level of biblical proportions in the water-to-wine sense but it’s pretty cool news either way. The former Vino Cane location in downtown Warsaw will become the Anthology whiskey bar. Currently housed in the basement of Oak and Alley and referred to as the Anthology Whiskey Room, all those 600 plus bottles of whiskey will be moved to street level, housed on a corner and be used to make some high end cocktails. Once this place opens, you’ll know where to find me.

One Ten Craft Meatery Closes Down
Ahh, don’t worry. Jason and crew aren’t going anywhere. While they did choose my birthday weekend to close down (boohoo), it’s for a good reason. They’re working on some construction projects at the downtown Warsaw staple but when they reopen, they’ll have not just a new look but a new summer/fall menu. Sounds like a good reason to extend my birthday celebrations! You can stroll through the new look on September 12th.

OrthoCity Welcomes a Flame Thrower
In an effort to help me celebrate my birthday, the Brads at OrthoCity booked Jess Flame Thrower to help me celebrate (that statement may or may not be totally true but it’s my blog so that’s what I’m going to tell everyone). While she does sing and strum an acoustic guitar, I don’t think she actually throws any flames but hey, it’s my birthday so who knows. Either way, I’ll be there and that says a lot about the food and brews at OrthoCity. I’m a cocktail guy and I don’t like beer. These guys have got me hooked, though, and that’s about as solid a testament as I can give (back to the whole biblical theme). If you aren’t doing anything, come on over and join us! Jess will be there (you know, for my birthday) and I’ll be drinking beer and trying to wrangle my two kids. If that’s not worth the price of free admission ….

This Leesburg restaurant suffered damage from a recent fire. No opening date has been announced.

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