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Savor K County: Public Beaches to Enjoy in Kosciusko County

One thing Kosciusko County is known for is its lakes, of which public beaches naturally go hand in hand. Many of the activities around the lakes center on the boating industry but you don’t have to own a boat (or know someone who does) to enjoy them. Beyond the numerous parks that dot its inland shores, Kosciusko County has a handful of beaches that are open to the public, ready to welcome all looking to create fun-filled sandy memories.

Center Lake Beach, Warsaw

kosciusko, indiana
My youngest enjoying some beach time on the public beach at Center Lake in Warsaw.

It’s the beach I grew up on, an almost literal stone’s throw from my childhood home. Located on the southeast corner of the lake, it’s the largest of the beaches on this list. A few blocks from downtown Warsaw, the beach has two sandy stretches to enjoy, a concrete pier acting as the line of demarcation. The slightly more spirited/younger crowd typically occupies the busier southwest portion where the lifeguards normally have their gazes affixed due to the fact that the majority of swimming occurs on this side of the beach. The northeast portion is always quieter, with most beachgoers being families due to the playground located just off this section of the beach. There are numerous other activities to enjoy here as well including the Biblical Gardens, tennis and basketball courts and Central Park. You’ll find ample parking and it will be needed because the city of Warsaw has big plans for this area.

Find more information on Center Lake Beach amenities.

Pike Lake Beach, Warsaw
Similar to Center Lake, the beach on the southern shore of Pike Lake is divided into two sections with a pier separating the two. The activities aren’t as plentiful as Center Lake but that has never kept the crowds from its west facing shore, many of its patrons walking over from the nearby campground. A couple outdoor playsets are available when a water break is needed and there is plenty of parking available.

Find out more about the beach at Pike Lake.

Winona Lake Beach, Winona Lake

kosciusko, indiana
Sunset over Winona Lake at its public beach.

The public beach at Winona Lake is probably my favorite place to enjoy a beach sunset when the craving for a Caribbean sunset becomes too much to bear. Located just south of the Village at Winona, the beach includes the coolest lifeguard station in the county, along with a vinyl pier for walking out over the water. The beach itself isn’t big by any means, measuring about 180 feet from north to south. What it lacks in size, though, it makes up for in amenities which include tennis courts, access to walking paths, a Little Library, an impressive playground area and a brand new splash pad. If you can’t find something fun to do at this park, you’re just a grouch.

Find out more about Winona Lake’s public beach.

Waubee Lake Beach, Milford
Surprisingly large, measuring over 100 yards from end to end and over 50 yards deep, the beach on Waubee Lake’s northern tip is probably unknown to most people in the area. Beyond enjoying the beach, there aren’t a lot of other activities to partake in here with a few tables and benches to lounge on. For those of you looking for a quieter beach to enjoy with plenty of room to roam around, Waubee might be your dream day come true.

Get familiar with the public beach at Waubee Lake.

Syracuse Beach, Syracuse

kosciusko, indiana
View from the municipal pier on Syracuse Lake. The pier is located steps from the public beach.

Similar in size to the beach on Winona Lake, the public beach on Syracuse Lake doesn’t offer as many activities but makes up for it in the ample green space located at next door Lakeview Park. Sitting on the lake’s western tip, the beach offers expansive views of the lake, plenty of picnic tables and a covered pavilion. The town of Syracuse’s impressive community center is also located across the street.

Get more details on Syracuse Beach.

North Webster Beach, North Webster

kosciusko, indiana
The deck at Pizza King, North Webster, next to the Dixie Sternwheeler on Webster Lake

Located on the west shore of Webster Lake, North Webster’s public beach is, in a word, tiny, measuring in at about 40 feet from tip to tip. That shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting, however. Parked right next door to the famous Dixie Boat, itself next door to the popular Pizza King, the area offers unique amenities that the other beaches on this list do not. Where else in Kosciusko County are you going to be able to enjoy a ride around a lake on a stern wheel boat, followed up with some of the best pizza around on a lakeside deck and capped off with your feet in the sand as live music plays in the background? Nowhere. You can even make it a weekend and book a stay at the Dixie Haven Resort which is just across the street or at Fisherman’s Cove just one block north.

Get in on the fun at the public beach in North Webster.

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