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Three Darn Good Reasons You Should Get Your Brunch on at Rua

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that Rua, a locally-owned restaurant in downtown Warsaw, is among my favorite places for a night out. It’s become our go-to spot for special occasions and even though it’s dressed up as a restaurant, its bar is my preferred one to get comfortable at for a night of cocktail enjoyment.

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Among the aforementioned accolades, there’s another segment of Rua’s business that keeps drawing me back to it. For the uninformed, that’s brunch, otherwise known as another excuse to do some day drinking on the weekend and not have it frowned upon. If that sounds appealing to you or if you just enjoy eating breakfast at noon, following are three solidly legit reasons you should give Rua a go when you decide it’s time to brunch hard.

Darn Good Reason Number One – It Ain’t Just About the Bloody Mary and Mimosa

Sure, the Bloody Mary and Mimosa have been part of brunches for as long as people dreamt up the idea as a totally justifiable reason to start drinking at 11 am on the weekends. Don’t worry – for you brunch traditionalists, those two mainstays are on the menu. Rua, however, has expanded the concept, offering a few craft cocktails to mix it up a little bit. Combined with the variations of the above mentioned drinks (get the Bloody Mary made with mezcal and thank me later) and non-alcoholic offerings such as “farming for life ginger kombucha,” “honest black tea” and “natalie’s lemonade iced tea,” it’ll be your own fault if you can’t find something to quench your thirst.

Darn Good Reason Number Two – It’s All About the Food

I can rave about the drinks all day and a lot of people just won’t care. Even though I don’t understand it, I’m cool with it. What everyone can agree on, though, is that the food better be gosh darn good. I mean, brunch isn’t really something people think about on the weekend so if they’re going to delay mowing their yard, jumping in the nearest body of water or firing up the smoker, the food served to them on small shiny plates best be tasty. At Rua it is and always has been.

The brunch menu includes some of their more popular “smalls” such as fried potatoes and the always glorious farmer’s cheese. There are some brunch-specific apps/smalls such as breakfast meats (bacon, sausage and ham) but if you spot “darn goods” on the menu, get them. Basically, they’re donut holes on steroids and as the name implies, they’re darn good.

Darn Good Reason Number Three – The Atmosphere

Rua is now open and you can find it at 108 E. Market St. in downtown Warsaw. Wherever you are, it’s worth the drive.

The fact that a restaurant like Rua exists and is succeeding in Warsaw still amazes me. It’s not a steak joint, it’s not a meat and potatoes place and it’s not a buffett. What it is, however, is a cozy inviting restaurant that is a direct reflection of its local owners. From “the Andrews” and their families to the staff to the art adorning the walls and the natural touches and industrial accoutrements that seamlessly tie a mishmash of styles altogether, it just works. You won’t find a more unique and inviting dining experience in our community and what better time to try it out than brunch. Sounds like a darn good reason to me.

Darn Good Note

The menu at Rua changes often so be sure and check their website or Facebook page for the latest and greatest brunch options.

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