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Orthocity Brewery and Smokehouse Announces Closing

In what could only be described as disappointing news to its many customers, Orthocity Brewery and Smokehouse announced on Facebook that it was closing. The announcement confirmed what I had been hearing around town but still hoping was wrong.

From their Facebook page:

“I regret to inform everyone that the two Brad’s have a different vision for the brewery & smokehouse moving forward. We have decided to part ways and close. We are fulfilling our current catering orders and weddings but not taking on new orders. This wasn’t an easy decision as we have the best employees, best customers, and best community following any business could ever ask for. We hope that the next set of owners can sustain our thriving base business plan and thoroughly improve upon it.
With that said, OrthoCity is FOR SALE. Property, assets, recipes, and everything you need to open up tomorrow. Call, email, fb message for more details, numbers, questions.”


Brad Bibler and Brad Sutter, who I previously featured in this article, were more than owners of one of my favorite restaurants in town – they became my friends and I hope those relationships continue. I’m not going to speculate on why the doors finally closed on a hugely successful venture. I’ll leave that to others. What I will do, in closing, is wish both Brads nothing but the best in their future endeavors. If you know them, you’ll know that they are both genuinely good people and sometimes things just don’t work out.

To the employees, thank you for becoming more than just the people that helped turn me onto the wonderful nectar of the gods that is beer – thank you for becoming my friend. I’ll miss seeing you at the restaurant but I hope to see you around town and maybe even share a beer or two.

Here’s to the memories!

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