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An Introduction to Winona Lake’s Port Winona Wine and Market

To say Port Winona Wine and Market, located in the Village at Winona in Winona Lake, hit the ground running would be an understatement. Informally opened the night before the Fat and Skinny Tire Festival and officially opened the day the festival started, Port Winona was a popular spot for participants and spectators of arguably the town’s biggest event. Since then, it has quickly become a favorite destination for visitors and locals alike, giving customers of the Village another reason to stroll its tree-lined streets.

Port Winona Wine and Market, located in Winona Lake, Indiana at the Village at Winona.

I stopped by the first weekend they were opened and followed up with another visit the next weekend. Despite opening during one of the busiest times for the area, Port Winona’s service level didn’t suffer and the product that we were able to sample was more than satisfying, making the whole experience a pleasant one.

Port Winona Wine and Market
Port Winona has quickly become a favorite shop in the Village.

Seating is limited so grab a seat or share one if you can.

The bar was handcrafted locally, and gives people who prefer that experience a cozy corner to enjoy their wine.

The bar at Port Winona.
Order a flight!

Their main products are wine, meats, cheeses, small grocery items and gifts. Even though it isn’t mentioned, they do offer beer and plenty of it. Yes, even your standard American beers can be had for a few dollars.

Weather permitting, grab a seat on the porch or mill around outdoors. There are very few things that beat a glass of wine with this view.

Port Winona sits on the canal at the Village at Winona.
Hard to find a better view than this one in the Village!

If you’re in the area, make sure and stop by Port Winona Wine and Market. You’ll find it a welcome addition to the Village at Winona and wonder why no one ever put something up like this before.

Grab a wine slushie!
You can even get your charcuterie on!

To find out more about Port Winona Wine and Market, you can find them on Facebook. You can also check out the Village at Winona’s website.

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