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Warsaw Bowl and Its Surprisingly Cozy Little Bar

When I first started dating my wife and she had to locate her father after work, she knew there were two places she could find him – home or the bowling alley bar. The latter won out most of the time. Back then it was called Holiday Bowl but nowadays, it’s taken on the moniker of Warsaw Bowl. The name may have changed over the years but the charm that brought Buckwheat to this bar in the first place all those years ago still remains.

kosciusko, indiana

Big bars, big menus and big spaces are all the rage in the bar and restaurant industry. The more liquor bottles lining the walls or drinks covering the menu, presumably the better the bar. If that was the sign of a quality establishment, no one would visit the bar at Warsaw Bowl and that would probably be fine with most of its patrons. You see, there aren’t a lot of bottles lining its back bar – two dozen at most – and it probably seats about 12. Six seats at the bar and a few pub table with chairs pulled up to them is all the seating you’ll find within its dark smoky walls.

kosciusko, bar, indiana

There is an adjoining room that more than doubles the capacity. For those of you who need room to move to enjoy your imbibing, this would be the space you would eventually migrate to. It has a pool table and a view of the bowling alley and at the other end is the bar’s kitchen. It’s a unique set up and only adds to the appeal of this bowling alley bar.

indiana, kosciusko

The real allure of this bar, though, is found back in the small bar area itself. There’s no hiding from anyone in this space. You get up close and personal with the amiable staff and fellow patrons and might even make a new friend or two. Surrounded by Christmas lights that adorn the walls year round, you can’t help but feel a little festive and friendly. The drinks are simple but strong, the conversation lively and an underlying feeling that you’ve just discovered the best hole-in-the-wall bar in town can’t be escaped. It’s a treasure for sure, one I’m guessing most of its patrons would prefer remain hidden.

The next time you’re looking for a place to enjoy a drink or beer, keep the bar at Warsaw Bowl in mind. If it was good enough for my father-in-law, it’s good enough for you.

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