Kosciusko County

Daily Dish – Rua’s Hanger Steak, Warsaw

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that Rua, a restaurant located in downtown Warsaw, has been one of our favorite places even before it opened. First afforded the opportunity to sample their wares at a pre-launch popup, I quickly became a fan of their eclectic world menu. I’ve been a staunch supporter ever since, encouraging people at every turn to give them a chance.

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While many of the dishes aren’t what you would find at a typical meat and potatoes spot, they do include items that would appeal to that crowd, served, of course, with that special Rua touch. One of those dishes is their hanger steak.
I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover hanger steak and now I’m not sure how I’d ever live without it. You don’t see it on many menus, at least I don’t, and you’ll have to scroll past all of the other goodies on Rua’s menu to find it. It’s down at the bottom which naturally means it’s the most expensive plate they serve. Don’t fret – it’s worth it and there’s an easy way to make the cost more palatable.

If you normally order their fried potatoes as a small plate, you can skip it. The hanger steak is served on a bed of them and this benefits you in two ways – you save money by not ordering the potatoes separately and you won’t feel obligated to share them with anyone. I know – mind blown.

restaurant, warsaw, indiana, kosciusko

I wasn’t sure how to order it cooked so I went with the server’s recommendation of medium rare. It was the right choice. With a juicy dark pink center, the thinly sliced morsels of meat were delectably tender. Make sure to enjoy the meat on its own and then mix and match with the other components to your own personal taste.

There you go – a solid go-to dish for any of your acquaintances who might steer away from Rua because it’s not a “meat and potatoes” place. Tell them to give it a try, have them imbibe in one of their delicious cocktails and watch the surprised satisfaction wash over them. You’ll be back … and your acquaintance will be back with you. Maybe even for Rua’s brunch.

Do you have a favorite dish in the area? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to check it out!

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