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Warsaw’s One Ten Craft Meatery Debuts Physical and Conceptual “Rejuvenation”

After five years in business, the owners of One Ten Craft Meatery, a restaurant located in downtown Warsaw, decided it was time for a “rejuvenation.” In an attempt to keep the restaurant fresh without losing what made it a stalwart in the local dining scene, brainstorming sessions occurred the decision was made to implement a few small, but significant, updates.

One ten craft meatery, restaurant, warsaw, kosciusko, indiana
View from the front towards the back of One Ten.

The modifications, detailed below, were effectuated for specific reasons. The desire to offer a more comfortable experience, putting an emphasis on exceptional service and reflecting the proper value of One Ten’s staff were all key motivators.

One ten craft meatery, restaurant, warsaw, kosciusko, indiana
An emphasis on soft seating is meant to create a cozier atmosphere.

A New Look Entrance For A New Look Restaurant
A new cold weather vestibule was constructed that will help keep the cold air out as new guests enter. A mosaic of windows and frames now partition off the entryway from the dining room to help provide a sound barrier. The new design will help diminish the noise and cold air, adding to the overall cozier atmosphere for diners.

From Lunch to Lounge
If you want to enjoy everything One Ten Craft Meatery has to offer, you’ll have to head there in the evenings. Lunch service will be no more as the restaurant switches to dinner and lounge service only. The new hours for the restaurant will be as follows:

Dinner Service:
Tuesday through Saturday from 5p-9:30p for the 110 Lounge and The Vic Family Room (unless there’s an event)

Lounge Service:
Tuesday through Thursday from 5p-11p (or later)
Friday and Saturday from 5p-2a

Lounge service will be a new concept for the restaurant. Softer seating, including benches and chairs, has replaced some of the current hard surfaces. The dining area will slowly transition from dinner to a lounge as diners conclude their meals.

The restaurant’s bar has also been updated to reflect the new emphasis on a late-night lounge. The bar selection will keep the local beer and spirits concept that is currently available but has been expanded to a much broader range. Twenty-four various whiskey options along with about 65 wines will be rounded out with spirits and liquors (such as Campari and Scotch).

One ten craft meatery, restaurant, warsaw, kosciusko, indiana
Closer view of the new benches with cushioned seating and backs. The fabric for the new seating can also be found on the new menus.

No More Tips, Please
Guests will be released from their obligation to leave tips. As part of the emphasis on exceptional customer service, a more livable wage based on experience will be paid to the staff at One Ten. The thought behind the decision was to offer all of the employees an opportunity to build a career at the restaurant and benefit those that invested fully in the restaurant. Long-term employees provide stability and experience, something often hard to come by when running a small, locally-owned restaurant. Recognizing that their employees’ time was tremendously appreciated, this was a way for the owners of One Ten to state in no uncertain terms – “You are valued.”

One ten craft meatery, restaurant, warsaw, kosciusko, indiana
A new vestibule helps keep the cold air out and warm air in, adding to the cozy atmosphere of the rejuvenated restaurant.

To help pay for the wage increase for their employees, prices at One Ten Craft Meatery have been adjusted. However, with no tip obligation, the amount will be comparable to what you would have paid in the past with the typical gratuity included.

What do you think of the changes at One Ten Craft Meatery? Let us know in the comments and if you stop by soon, come back and tell us all about it!

View the new dinner menu and drink menu at One Ten Craft Meatery.

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