Supportkcounty.com Website Launched to Help Kosciusko County Restaurants and Employees

In response to COVID-19/Coronavirus concerns, a new website is launched to aggregate Kosciusko County carryout, takeout, curbside pickup and delivery options for restaurants.

To help minimize the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 on restaurants and bars in Kosciusko County, the owner of this blog worked in conjunction with Jason Sucec of Red Triangle Marketing to create supportkcounty.com. The new website allows restaurants and bars to have their business listing and include details on their current service options, hours, meals offered, specials and so forth. The listings will be alphabetical and let customers easily scroll through the restaurants and bars. In addition to this, the admin person for each listing can add and control payment information for their staff, thereby allowing “virtual tips” to be sent directly to employees.

The new supportkcounty.com!

The new website does not process any payments, either to the restaurant of the staff, but provides username info to send payments through sites such as PayPal and Venmo. It also functions as an aggregator, helping to cut through all of the information on various online channels and permits customers or businesses not on social media to have an online presence through one portal.

On a personal note, I was contacted by Jason about a week ago to see if there was interest on my part in being involved in the project. I agreed to it wholeheartedly. The hospitality business is a tough one so any small action we can take to help is better than doing nothing. With more and more restaurant and bar employees being laid off due to forced closures or no dine-in experience, any way to help them make ends meet was the only call to make.

Best of all, the website will cost nothing for the people who use it. There is no charge to have a listing. All of the costs including hosting, building the site, testing it, maintaining it, administering it, etc have been and will continue to be provided free of charge.

If you know someone that owns/manages/ is involved with a bar or restaurant in Kosciusko County, please forward them this article or the above link. The website can only grow if they enter the information. If they have any questions about it, they can email me at tomncole (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Stay healthy!

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