The Sleepy Owl to Host Privately-Funded Carryout Meal for Persons Experiencing Financial Hardship

The Sleepy Owl Supper Club, a restaurant located in Syracuse, will be hosting a privately-funded carryout meal for individuals who have lost wages due to the multitude of businesses running on a reduced staff or completely shut down due to COVID-19.

The meals, which will consist of pulled pork, baked beans and coleslaw, will be available for carryout starting at 4 pm this Sunday (March 29th) at the front door of The Sleepy Owl. The number of meals to be served is limited to 100 so please keep this in mind.

The meals are being funded by Andrew and Lindsey Grossnickle, Dr. Alan and Peggy Grossnickle and Chris and LeAnne Francis. The group decided to cover the expenses for the event based on a desire to help, even if for one meal, and to have a positive impact on the community in an otherwise bizarre time.

According to the group, the Sleepy Owl’s owners and staff have been a great partner in the endeavor. The restaurant provided the meals and carryout containers at a reduced rate and immediately agreed to the project, allowing for a quick turnaround.

Details on the Giving Back meal at The Sleepy Owl

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