Kosciusko County

One Ten Craft Meatery Temporarily Suspends Carryout/Delivery Service

In an email sent this morning to its subscribers and posted to their Facebook page, One Ten Craft Meatery announced the suspension of its carryout and delivery service. Located in downtown Warsaw, the restaurant’s announcement follows a wave of similar news from other dining establishments, including the management of Hoppy Gnome, Proximo, Gnometown Brewing and BakerStreet Steakhouse in Ft. Wayne.

One ten craft meatery, restaurant, warsaw, kosciusko, indiana
A new vestibule helps keep the cold air out and warm air in, adding to the cozy atmosphere of the rejuvenated restaurant.

In a nod to their faithful customers and multitude of fans, the announcement from One Ten begins with “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” It goes on to read as follows:

“We would like to send our upmost appreciation to each and every one of you who has shown your support over the last two weeks by purchasing market items, gift cards, and carryout/delivery orders. It has been a true joy to see our community rising up in this time to give back to the businesses who make Warsaw what it is. We have received some of the most thoughtful notes, letters, and gifts that we could not have anticipated.

On that note, we are currently experiencing a world that we never would have dreamed of. In these times there are so many uncertainties and variables that we feel it is our social responsibility as a business to protect where we can. Due to the increased risks that have developed recently with Covid-19, the right thing for us to do is to no longer offer our carry-out/delivery services until the threat has cleared.

We are a family who believes in community and individuals, and that one can’t fully exist without the other. Please stay home with your families, protect them, and create lasting memories.”

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