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K-County Carryout (or Delivery) – Family-Sized Meals

If you're looking for a handy dandy resource for family-sized carryout or delivery meals in Kosciusko County, you've come to the right place.

If you’re anything like me, finding value amidst the apocalypse is a priority, especially when it comes to feeding your family. With many restaurants in Kosciusko County offering carryout and delivery options, it has become a little difficult to sort through the onslaught of information to discover family-sized meals. With our normally-two-income family down to one bringing home the proverbial bacon, value, especially when it came to feeding our family of four, has become the nomme de rigueur. So began my quest for family-sized meals.

This list of family-sized meals for carryout/delivery in Kosciusko County isn’t meant to be all-encompassing but it will be updated as new info is brought to my attention. I mean, the end of the world can only last so long and my plethora of snappy French phrases is more of a modicum so hopefully this whole thing ends favorably sooner rather than later. Until then, feast well, my friends, and I’ll see you on the other side someday.

xavier-crook-wIqpmuOloVA-unsplashPhoto by Xavier crook on Unsplash

Note: This list is only for restaurants who offer a single deal that will feed a family of at least three or four people. One price, one family. If you’re like the Brady family, multiply accordingly. All locations are in Warsaw/Winona Lake unless noted otherwise

Down Under (Syracuse)
Details: This Syracuse restaurant has offered lasagna and meatloaf in family size portions.
Connect and Order: Get your take and bake on at their Facebook page.

Ruby Tuesday
Details: Five “Family Bundle Meals” are now available and start at $29.99.
Connect and Order: Get social with them on Facebook. Order here.

Asian Cajun
Details: Their family trays are supposed to feed 5-8 people and cost $29.99.
Connect and Order: You can get it all done on Facebook.

Texas Roadhouse
Details: Their “Family Packs” start at $19.99 and go up to $44.99. Some of the highlights include Family Value Cheeseburgers (Four quarter pound, fresh ground chuck burgers topped with American cheese. Served with a family sized salad, four individual sides, and fresh baked bread) and Family Value Chicken Critters (Sixteen Critters and two junior tenders, golden-fried and lightly crispy. Served with a family sized salad, four individual sides, and fresh baked bread). Both Family Packs can be had for the incredibly low price of $19.99.
Connect and Order: Check them out on Facebook and order here.

Their “family styled meals” vary from week to week but should feed four adults for $40. If you’ve been to Cerulean, you’ll know how great a value this is. “Bring Home a Bartender” cocktail mix packages change weekly as well.
Connect and Order: Stay up to date and find out what the family styled meal is each week on Facebook.

26th Street Mexican Grill
Details: It’s all about the tacos! You can get 15 of them plus rice, chips and salsa for 25 bucks.
Connect and Order: Get those tacos on their Facebook page.

Oswalt Family Bakery and Cafe (North Webster)
Details: Their family meals vary every day but typically include four sandwiches (tenderloins, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, etc) and fries for around $15.
Connect and Order: Ordering details can be found on their website.

American Table
Details: They post their “Family Meal Selections every day on their Facebook page but they pretty much consist of pot roast with mashed potatoes, chicken & noodles with mashed potatoes or lasagna with garlic toast. The above meals also come with dinner salads for all as well as two complimentary appetizers or two pieces of fruit pie. For $40, that’s what we call a hootin’ tootin’ good deal. Bonus – they offer family sized breakfast meals to go as well. You can get all of the following for $30 – 2 fruit crepes, 4 pancakes, 4 regular french toast, and 4 cinnamon french toast and 12 scrambled eggs (add 15 pieces of breakfast meat $10).
Connect and Order: Hook up with their daily deals on Facebook.

Sleepy Owl Supper Club (Syracuse)
Details: Their family-sized meals differ every day but so far have ranged in price from $20 – $25.
Connect and Order: Hit ’em up on Facebook.

Bob Evans
Details: Their three course family meals come complete with choice of entrée, family-sized soup or salad, choice of two sides, freshly-baked rolls and cookies and start at $29.99. The main courses are turkey, pot roast, country fried steak, chicken tenders and grilled chicken. For those of us who could eat breakfast for every meal, you’re in luck. Bob Evans has breakfast family meals starting at $19.99. Go ahead – you know you want to.
Connect and Order: They don’t have a Facebook page for their location in Warsaw that’s been updated in this decade so you’ll have to brave the interwebs and visit their actual website to place an order. You’ll be OK.

La Troje
Details: Our favorite go to restaurant for family outings has their taco box which comes with 20 tacos, chips and salsa for $39.99. Plus, the staff is the bomb diggity so you’ll be helping them out and who doesn’t want to do that. Note that the box appears to only be available on Taco Tuesday although it looks like Taco Thursday is becoming a thing as well.
Connect and Order: Get with them on Facebook.

Just a sampling of the tacos you can expect from La Troje!

If your family consists of the over-21 crowd, you can now get their popular margaritas to go! The 16oz is $6.49 while the 32oz goes for $11.99. If you feel the need, you can add a Coronita kicker to the 32oz Lime Margarita for just 2 bucks more. Note that the ingredients must be mixed at home and have to be purchased with a food order. Gold or silver tequila – you get to pick your dancing partner!

HopLore Brewing
Details: The locally-owned Leesburg brewery isn’t known just for its great beer as its food menu has become just as popular with its customers. Their family-sized offerings include “take-n-bake” meals, meat by the pound, pho and boneless chicken wings.
Connect and Order: You can get social with them on Facebook and their website now makes it easier than ever to place an order.

Details: Rua’s family-style meals will cost you $40 and should feed 4-6 people. Options look to change every couple days so if you see one you like, jump all over it. If not, just wait a day or two.
Connect and Order: You can get with the fine folks at Rua on Facebook but you’ll have to go to their website to order their family-style meals.

Do you know of any other restaurants offering family-sized meals for delivery or takeout? If so, let me know!

Editor’s Note – Due to the executive order from the governor, most restaurants are now only offering curbside pickup or delivery.

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