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Barbee Hotel Undergoes Extensive Renovation

The Barbee Hotel, established in 1897 and now a longtime fixture in the Kosciusko County dining scene as a restaurant, announced on their Facebook page that they were undergoing a renovation. Closed due to the current pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders, the owners decided to take the opportunity to complete the project.

restaurant, kosciusko, indiana
View of the renovations at the Barbee Hotel.

While there had been plans to do some minor changes to the restaurant, the decision was made to do a little more because of the time afforded by the current crisis. The shutdown allowed them to accomplish more with the renovation while freshening up the area.

The biggest change that customers of the Barbee Hotel will notice in the dining room is that the dance floor has been removed to allow for more space. The basic style of the dining area will stay the same with some different colors and new carpeting added.

The bar is also undergoing a face lift. It will be freshened up and go through a deep cleaning while the floor will be concrete polished.

The new look won’t just be decorative – changes to the menu will be coming in early June as well.

Find out more about the Barbee Hotel and stay up to date on their goings-on via their Facebook page.

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