Kosciusko County

Reopening Guide Released For Winona Lake’s Limitless Park

Limitless Park, a popular park located in Winona Lake and sitting on the shores of the lake with same name, released its reopening guide for the 2020 season. The guide follows the State of Indiana’s “back on track” plan and along with adhering to the same social distancing rules.

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Among the highlights are the reopening of the tennis courts and playground on May 22nd, two days ahead of schedule. Moving the opening of these amenities up a couple days falls in line with the governor’s recent announcement that stage 3 of the back on track plan would be moved moved from May 24 to May 22.

kosciusko, indiana
Sunset over Winona Lake at its public beach.

The park office, picnic shelter and park office will reopen June 1 with restrictions. On June 14th, the beach will reopen along with the basketball and volleyball courts. On July 4th, the recently installed and immensely popular splash pad will be opened and boat rentals will be available.

Interested in visiting the area? You can find out more about Winona Lake’s Limitless Park and how to enjoy a family getaway right here in Kosciusko County.

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