K County Quick Bites

There’s a lot going on in Kosciusko County’s food scene so I’m going to take this opportunity to switch up the format of this column. Previously focused on the upcoming week’s food-related events, I’ve chosen to feature a handful of longer (but still short) snippets. Events will still be featured but they’ll be more of the unique variety. Plus, the previous incarnation of this series basically flopped after the first few so it’s kind of me tucking my tail to run away and start over.

Happy Fourth of July!

If you have any food-related business or news you’d like to share in this column, feel free to message me through the Facebook page or leave a comment below. It exists solely to help promote local food-related businesses so take advantage of it. There’s absolutely no cost to you!

Bon Voyage, Pie Eyed Petey’s!
Its Lake Tippecanoe location (70 EMS T16 Ln, Leesburg) is closed. That’s something I never thought I’d hear about one of the most popular lakefront dining establishments in the county … at the beginning of its busiest season to boot. I’ve heard it’s for sale but I can’t find a listing for it anywhere online. I’ll update this article when I do.

So Long, George!
George’s Highlander Bar and Grill in Etna Green is closing. Not nearly as shocking as the sudden sale of the Landing, it’s still a surprise. They made it official on their Facebook page, thanking customers for their business but offering no inclination as to why they were closing their doors. If you want your George’s fix, get in there before July 30th or you’ll be out of luck.

Loving Lawney’s
The people who own this business are personal friends of mine so of course I’m going to take every opportunity to promote them. Plus, that brisket …. They’ll be at Wifflefest July 3rd. I don’t know anything about it but I’m assuming it involves a wiffle ball and bat … and a whole lot of brisket. Balls, bats and brisket! If you want the details, reach out to them on Facebook.

Bye Bye, Bella Vitale and Hello, Palette!
Bella Vitale, the restaurant located at the Wyndham Garden in Warsaw, is now Palette. Apparently, it’s a steak and seafood place. I guess we’ll have to take our palate to Palette and find out.

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