Savor K-County: Steve Singleton, Author

It’s not often someone I know personally becomes a published author so when Steve Singleton, who I had met through One Ten Craft Meatery, told me he had published a book, I had to interview him. His book, “Timeless: a collection of poetry and prose,” was released in spring of this year. Described on Amazon as “a freshman collection of twenty-five years of poetry,” Steve’s initial foray into the publishing world covers “a range of subjects, from lighthearted early mornings to deeper and questioning moments of doubt.”

Author Steve Singleton watching his back!

How did you get into poetry?

“I’ve always been a creative spirit. Mostly artwork. But somewhere along the way I found a way to Express my emotions not just on paper and canvas, but in verse as well. …I think that’s really the clearest answer I can give for that one.”

You’ve told me that the book is a culmination of the last 25 years of your your life, including high moments and low moments. When it comes to high and low moments, do you find either one easier to write about? When I say “easy,” I don’t mean easy to share but rather easy for the words to come out.

“Nowadays, it’s easier to write about the highs. I think, tho, that for any poet using their life as a compass…between the ages of 12 and 30 is a huge moment. Hormones and relationships, school and life decisions. The big ones all for the most part hit you there in that alley of life. And so the lows flowed to the page more readily.”

What is it about this moment in your life that made you want to put the book out there?

“Honestly…it was kind of a unique ‘ping’ that went off in my head. One of those dawning moments when you realize that you have built up enough pages that you are willing to bare to the world. It was also me recognizing that I’d found a way to leave a sort of mark that would last farther than my own timeline. There’s a vulnerability and a bravery to that.”

Would you consider this book a poetic autobiography?

“…in some ways, absolutely. This first volume is primarily built upon some of the biggest moments of my life. In other ways, It’s the first chapter of a larger scale.”

What kind of reaction do you hope readers have as they scroll through the pages?

“The main hope I have is that readers will get caught up in the journey that took place. But, with the understanding that each person is unique, the simple hope is that each person that reads the book will find that one poem that grips them, and that will echo throughout the rest of their own journey.”
Where can we find the book for sale?

Timeless can be found on Amazon.com. As of the initial publishing of this article, all of the reviews are 5 stars!

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