Chicago DogHouse Owners Announce Retirement and Closing of Restaurant

In a post shared to their Facebook page on September 17th, the owners of Chicago DogHouse, a small restaurant located on Detroit Street in Warsaw, announced that they were retiring from the business. Stating that they had “a growing family in mind,” the post went on to say that “Unless we find a new buyer very soon, the restaurant will be closing.” Normal business hours will continue until their last day, September 27th.


The post went on to thank all of the customers that have visited the restaurant over its nearly five years in business. As if often the case in the restaurant business, family concerns outweighed those of the business with the owners saying “keeping our marriage and growing family healthy has topped the priority scale.”

Featured on WNIT Experience Michiana in 2017, the hot dog shop, which also served burgers, brats, chicken strips and other staples, quickly became a favorite for locals and others traveling through Warsaw. However, as their post implied, running a restaurant takes a lot of time, even a small one, and it finally reached a tipping point where a choice had to be made between family and business.

Anyone interested in buying Chicago DogHouse can contact them through their Facebook page or call them at 574-267-5757.

Now it’s time for me to finally get over there and enjoy a hot dog! Who else plans on stopping by this week?

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