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HopLore Brewing to Open New Location in Warsaw

HopLore Brewing, the popular locally-owned brewery located in Leesburg, Indiana, will be opening a new location in Warsaw. While most of the details are unknown at this point, the new location will be at 501 Argonne Road. The building, just north of the Winona Lake viaduct, currently houses multiple businesses. It’s still unclear how the current businesses will be affected. One thing is for certain, though – HopLore will soon become a tenant.

restaurant, brewery, kosciusko
View of 501 Argonne Road in Warsaw, Indiana, soon to be home to the newest location of HopLore Brewing.

The city has long desired to improve the aesthetics of Argonne Road. Leading to the main entrance of Winona Lake for visitors coming off US 30, Argonne has recently undergone improvements, including the new Freedom Express gas station and convenience store along with a barber shop. With future plans to address the Arnolt building and beautification of the Winona Lake viaduct, the new location of HopLore makes sense. The future is looking bright for Argonne and the guys at HopLore Brewing.

What do you think of HopLore’s new location? Do you think it will add to the overall redevelopment plan of the Argonne Road corridor?

Be sure and check back often as I’ll update this article when new information becomes available.

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