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Indian Restaurant Biryani Kitchen Opens in Former Oak and Alley Location in Downtown Warsaw

Biryani Kitchen, a new restaurant showcasing authentic Indian cuisine in downtown Warsaw, recently opened its doors in the previous location of Oak and Alley (and when I say recently, I mean this past weekend). Featuring a lunch buffet, the restaurant also has dine in hours in the evening from 5 – 9:30 or 10 (Facebook says 9:30 – Google says 10).

ankit-sinha-lB7LEdjU6B0-unsplashThe above photo is a representation of Indian food but was not taken at Biryani Kitchen. Photo by Ankit Sinha on Unsplash

The restaurant, which opened on November 22nd, continues an upward trend in the local dining scene of offering Indian fare. With Bomy Singh’s Indian pop up stand at the Phillips 66 on the east side of town on Center St., Warsaw now offers two locations that specialize in cuisine from India. That is two more than we had about a month ago, representing an increased demand in the area and a welcomed addition to the local dining scene.

To find Biryani Kitchen, head to the old Oak and Alley location (114 S. Buffalo) and utilize the alley entrance. Hours of operation are certain to change as the restaurant looks to gain so contact them ahead of time to verify their hours.

To contact the restaurant, you can reach them on Facebook or call 574-376-4349.

And of course, be sure and check back on this blog for my review and more details, hopefully coming sooner rather than later!

What do you think of the new Indian restaurant in downtown Warsaw? Have you been? If so, let me know in the comments. Maybe your five star review will push this on up my to do list!

Review of Biryani Kitchen is now up on the blog!

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