Supporting K-County

During these unprecedented times of the coronavirus/Covid-19, the service industry is facing pressures they have not seen in years, if ever. With forced closures and “social distancing” and “self-quarantine” becoming the latest buzz phrases, restaurants, bars and clubs will struggle to survive. To help the service industry folks confront their latest reality, we’ve come up with a tool that hopefully offers some relief but we need your help in spreading the word.

This bar top makes the perfect landing spot for the craft cocktails emanating from the minds of the staff at Rua.

I have been contacted by an Indiana-based web developer with ties to Kosciusko County. With his help, we are going to create a website similar to what is currently being utilized at https://www.takeoutcovid19.com/. In addition, we will be including information on how you can continue to support not just the owners but their employees as well in a very direct manner.

The amazing staff at Rua!

However, I can’t get the word out on my own and this is where I need your help. If you know the owner of a restaurant, bar or nightclub (or associated food-oriented business that is facing the closure) reality in Kosciusko County, please have them email me at tomncole (at) yahoo (dot) com. They can also message me through my Facebook page.

If you know an employee of a restaurant, bar or nightclub in Kosciusko County, tell them to reach out to their employers.

This website will not only let people know how to order from their favorite local restaurants and bars but also give them a direct way to help their favorite servers or staff.

There will be absolutely NO COST to the businesses or employees. All of the services will be free of charge.

The website won’t solve the crisis but if it can help keep our favorite local eateries open, shouldn’t we at least try?

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