Kosciusko County

Warsaw’s Peking Restaurant Announces Reopening

Warsaw's Peking Restaurant announces long-anticipated reopening and return of its Chinese food dishes.

In what can only be described as “glorious,” Peking Restaurant, a longtime favorite of Warsaw-area locals who enjoy Chinese food, announced on its Facebook page that it was reopening Thursday, May 7th. The reasoning behind the choice of the date, while unknown, was most likely to avoid conflicts with Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo and Hump Day, thereby allowing those days to retain their prominence in the national conversation.

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The last sentence in the first paragraph may likely have been totally made up but it goes to show the immense popularity of the restaurant. When Peking closed its doors almost a month ago, most reactions could be summed up by one exasperated exclamation – “What the heck is happening to the world?!”

Fortunately, the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments can be put on pause. The long-anticipated and hoped for return of Peking is Facebook official, making it as real as real can be in today’s social media-centered world.

Straight from their Facebook post:

“Hi everyone! We appreciate your patient (and some not so patient) waiting. We are finally able to provide an update on our reopening.

We are planning on reopening on May 7th (Thursday).
This will be take out ONLY, in alignment with current COVID-19 guidelines. Please place ALL orders by phone
(574) 267-5438
(574) 267-5486
Our menu can be found in our Facebook photos.

We will have new hours, which are
10:30 AM to 8:00 PM.
These new hours will be effective for every day of the week except Tuesday, which will now be closed instead of Sunday.
This means we will be open on Mother’s Day!

When picking up orders, we appreciate and encourage our customers to wear masks. We will be wearing masks and would appreciate if our customers took the same precaution.
We will be limiting the number of people within the store at any time (number will be posted on the door). The wait times may be a little longer so we can spread out the pick up orders.

Thank you for all of your support! We will be back soon!!”

Get your masks and dollar bills ready, homies. It’s time for some Peking.

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