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Daily Dish – The Burrito Fundido at Warsaw’s La Troje

It’s been a few since I wrote my last Daily Dish article about the bottom-of-the-menu-top-of-my-list delectable hanger steak at Rua. When it comes to downtown Warsaw restaurants, however, there is a new dish fighting for my affections – the Burrito Fundido at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town, La Troje.

restaurant, warsaw, indiana, kosciusko

Described on La Troje’s menu as “a large burrito filled with grilled chicken, chorizo, rice and beans. Covered with our special cheese sauce and served on a hot skillet,” I prefer to describe it as covered in love. The cheese covers the entire skillet with slightly charred and crispy edges from the hot skillet keeping everything in place.

restaurant, warsaw, indiana, kosciusko

While the burrito includes grilled chicken, the real star here is the chorizo. Its flavor isn’t overpowering but if you’ve had chorizo before, you know that there’s no mistaking its presence.

If you don’t like chorizo, skip this dish. If you enjoy it and want to try something new, give it a go. I tried it once and haven’t forsaken it yet on subsequent visits. Did I mention the overabundance of cheese? Oh my.

Life is always better when it gets a little cheesy. 🙂

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