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Satisfy Your Pizza Craving at Fire N The Hole Wood Fired Pizza

My first exposure to Fire N The Hole Wood Fired Pizza took place at the Kosciusko County Fair as I scoured the grounds for places to eat. You couldn’t help but notice them. Encamped at the front entrance of the fair, their huge lumber-filled furnace pumped out sweet smelling scents to passersby like the sirens to the sailors in Homer’s Odyssey. It lured me in and while the pizza was delicious, I swore off Fire N The Hole after that first experience. The young lady who took my order was unpleasant at best and to top it off, they charged me (I think a couple bucks) for the box without telling me that there would be a charge. It didn’t matter how good the pizza was – I was turned off and done with Fire N The Hole.

Luckily for me, Fire N The Hole opened a new “permanent” location just south of downtown Warsaw so I was able to avoid the fair fiasco. A few bites into their pizza and I was willing to let bygones be bygones. When they opened their second spot in the old Schoop’s location, we headed over there and I gave the ordering process another go. It was the complete opposite of the unfortunate fair incident. The lady who took our order was very friendly, there was no charge for the boxes (probably absorbed into the price for the pizza) and the guy baking the pizza in the wood fire oven couldn’t have been nicer.

If you’ve been wondering about checking out Fire N The Hole Pizza, don’t wonder any longer. Their tasty pizza varieties, which range from $8 – $12, include their Breakfast Pizza (sausage gravy, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar), the Horsin’ Around (prime rib, onions, horsey sauce, mashed potatoes, cheese blend and portabella mushrooms) and their Just What the Doctor Ordered (Tuscan EVOO, roma, fresh basil, prosciutto, sliced pear, parmesan and fresh mozzarella). Standards are offered as well with the Extreme (supreme version), All Meat and Cheese. Did I mention the Bacon Cheeseburger one? Goodness.

I don’t know what wood firing does to a pizza but I know what comes out of that oven is amazing and worth your money. The customer service and pricing issues I had with them from the “fair incident” are a distant memory. The only regret I now have is that I wrote them off for way too long. Each scrumptious bite is a reminder of that and I feel obligated to drown my guilt in a mouthful of their pizza. I think I can work with that.

My favorite, the Horsin’ Around
The Jalapeno Popper!

Find out more about Fire N The Hole Wood Fired Pizzas including their menu and contact info to book them for fundraising or private events. You can currently find them in the parking lot of the old Schoop’s restaurant and at the southeast corner of Buffalo and Winona next to TCU. Both locations are in Warsaw.

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