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An Introduction to Warsaw’s Three Crowns Coffee

My article on Three Crowns Coffee in downtown Warsaw was my first for a publication outside of my blog, In an effort to impress the editors (and because I often find myself off on a tangent), my original draft contained about 850 words. When the editor replied to my submission, she said it was great but I needed to cut about 300 words out to get to their 550 word limit. With much hand wringing, I accomplished it and quickly learned to get to the point … quickly.

The original article’s a year old and things have changed a little bit at Three Crowns – namely, they now serve alcohol on Saturdays! You can check out their Facebook page (link below) for the latest updates.

Side note – the image included below that I took of the Bacon Goat Cheese biscuit ended up being featured in my county’s visitor guide which led to more of my images being featured in this year’s edition. It kind of makes all those pictures I take at dinners worth it!

When you walk through the front doors of Three Crowns Coffee in downtown Warsaw, first and foremost on your mind would be finding some delicious coffee. If your tummy is rumbling for something more filling, though, take a gander at their food offerings. Three Crowns has a small but varied food menu that might be just what you need to quiet those hunger pains.

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk into Three Crowns is the two big leather couches sitting in the middle of the dining area. Accented by end tables and more soft seating, Three Crowns reminds you of your own living room. The perimeter is occupied by wooden stools and tables which, combined with the leather furniture and natural light, gives the place a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The staff take pride in what they serve and the presentation. The drink orders were delivered with a smile and a “thank you” and the food portion of our order was no different. Within 15 minutes of paying, we were quickly on our way to gobbling down everything laid out in front of us.

My favorite drink is the Cold Brew Old Fashioned. It’s not your typical coffee drink as it’s served cold in a cocktail glass with an ice cube and orange slice, but Three Crowns doesn’t specialize in typical and this drink is simply delightful.

I’m also a creature of habit when it comes to ordering food and the Bacon Goat Cheese Biscuit will probably be the first, last and only sandwich I order from Three Crowns. Served on a warmed biscuit, it consists of a layer of fried eggs topped with a slice of bacon and finished off with a generous helping of slightly melted goat cheese and sprinkles of spring onion.

Bacon Goat Cheese Biscuit at Three Crowns Coffee

It’s the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had anywhere.

We also ordered the scones which almost melted in your mouth. While most scones have a firmer texture to them, these were as soft and enjoyable as the leather couches we were seated on.

Three Crowns Coffee realized that not everyone can unplug from their mobile devices so there are electrical outlets everywhere. Especially convenient are the outlets located underneath the wooden tables, offering a convenient way to charge your devices as you enjoy your food and coffee.

Free WiFi is also offered – just ask for the password.

If you visit during the week, inquire about the workshop item. The staff is always experimenting with new dishes and the workshop item consists of their latest creation. It’s not on the menu but you can normally find out what it is on their Facebook page.

When you’re in downtown Warsaw and you’re looking for a bite to eat and a caffeine pick me up, wander on over to Three Crowns Coffee. You’ll find great coffee and espresso selections, delicious and unique small plate offerings and a cozy and comfy atmosphere that will leave you reinvigorated and refreshed.

It’s a favorite of mine on Saturday mornings and sure to occupy a spot on your weekend itinerary after your first visit.

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