Crooked Ewe and Its Cuban Revolution on the Banks of the St. Joe

There are about a dozen reasons you can come up with to visit Crooked Ewe Brewery in South Bend and it’s no coincidence that number approximates the amount of beers currently on their menu. While the beer rightfully hogs the limelight (after all, it is a brewery), there’s more than beer in Crooked Ewe and you can find it in the food menu.

Dining area and bar at the Crooked Ewe Brewery. The windows behind the bar offer panoramic views of the St. Joseph River.

I’m an avid fan of Cuban sandwiches. As someone who grew up ordering ham and cheese sandwiches every chance I got, discovering the delicacy of a Cuban was my utopia. Crooked Ewe calls their take the “Revolucion Cubana” and it’s sure to trigger a revolution in your daily lunchtime habits.

The majestic Revolucion Cubana at Crooked Ewe Brewery in South Bend.

The sandwich consists of pebre pulled brisket (find out more about pebre here), swiss cheese, house sausage, bourbon barrel-aged mustard and house pickle. It lacked the glazed ham I’m normally used to seeing on a Cuban but the brisket and sausage made the ham’s absence a distant memory with my first bite. The gleefully gooey swiss cheese and crunchiness of the slightly crispy bread combined with the rest of the pressed-to-perfection ingredients to make any restaurant in Ybor City or Key West proud.

I want restaurants to blow me away and make me want to come back and Crooked Ewe has done just that with their Revolucion Cubana. I rarely drink beer but I don’t care – I can always wash it down with their fancy diet cola served in a bottle, thank you very much.

The Little Smoke, so called because you can only have two of the meats (brisket, pulled pork, pastrami and sausage) offered with the Smoke. As you can see, it’s still plenty for lunch.


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