Four Reasons You Should Visit Wine Down’s Sidecar Tiki Bar in Fort Wayne

I know. You just read the title and thought to yourself “Fort Wayne has a tiki bar?” To answer your question as succinctly as possible – “You betcha!” Wine Down’s Sidecar, presumably bestowed with that nomenclature because it’s actually housed in a railroad car sans the big clunky steel wheels, is the tropical escape you’ve been looking for in the northeast corner of Indiana. No need to head to Indy or Chicago for your tiki fix. Just follow Johnny Appleseed’s footsteps … or seeds … and head to the Fort.

The Sidecar in all its glory. Plenty of room for you and your friends!

In case that clever opening paragraph wasn’t enough to convince you to visit the Sidecar, here are four “semi-intelligently written and honest-to-goodness let’s-get-our-rum-on” reasons (one for each base at next door Parkview Field) that should do the trick. If not, well, you’re just obtuse.

First Base – The Burger

fort wayne, indiana
Sidecar Burger. It’s yummy.

You thought I was going to start with the tiki drinks, didn’t you? That was too obvious so the burger gets to kick things off. For $11, you get two patties topped with cheese, onion, pickle, mustard and ketchup served between two slightly toasted buns. Toss in a side of fries and there you have it. What plate goes better with tiki drinks? Besides Chinese food? Nothing.

Second Base – The Sights and Sounds

View of The Sidecar courtyard and Parkview Field.

Sure, the downtown Fort Wayne views are pretty cool but the real clincher? That would be the sound emanating from next door at Parkview Field, home to the Fort Wayne Tincaps. The crack of the bat, the cheers for the boys of summer, the seventh inning stretch. Let’s see your tiki bar beat that.

Third Base – Its Outside Setting

If the Sidecar wasn’t outside, guess what? You wouldn’t get to experience the sights and sounds mentioned above. Besides the main bar, there’s plenty of seating for everyone, from soft seated loungers around fire pits to two seat pub tables just for you and your honey. Add some ornamental lights strewn across the top of this area and it’s the outdoor dining experience your al fresco buddy’s been yearning for. Just don’t go here before the game because you may never leave.

Home Plate – Tiki Cocktails

You finally made it to home plate, little buddy! Time to celebrate with some proper tiki cocktails. They’re all $12 and they’re mostly original creations. The price point is fair for drinks that involve this much prep and like any other tiki concoction, the rum is expertly combined with plenty of fruit juices and other fancy things like orgeat, turbinado and Peychaud’s to create the tropical escape your belly’s been yearning for. Looking for recommendations? Go with the Flying Dutchman (Plantation OFTD is all you need to know) and Adventure Time (Plantation’s OFTD and the best rum ever, Plantation 3 Stars). Just trust me – I’m really good at pretending I know this stuff. Don’t forget the best cocktail ever for $6 – a daiquiri featuring the aforementioned 3 Stars rum.

That’s it. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Sidecar and tell them you read this really cool article about it and that’s why you’re there. Just make sure they know it was my article.

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